Success Comes from Consistency + Confidence 

Build Your Content Calendar for the Next Quarter in this Interactive, 3-hour Workshop for Female Entrepreneurs

Recorded on August 30, 2022 8 – 11 am (Pacific)

Let’s get real. Staying consistent and confident with your content can be a challenge.

The key is to have a solid, easy-to-execute plan. If that plan is on-brand and strategic, your content will drive up your reach, engagement, and conversions.

If you want that, then let’s plan your next 90 days worth of video content!

What to Expect in the 90-Day Content Calendar Workshop

In this live, virtual group session we will:

  • Generate video topic ideas
  • Create a strategic schedule
  • Populate a content calendar (your own or use the template provided)
  • Troubleshoot any issues throughout to make sure you’re on track for success

I’m Valerie McTavish

I’m a planner. I love to plan. I always have. And, it’s served me well in my 30+ year career. First as the manager of a post production facility, then as an advertising producer, and definitely as a producer of live television!

When I became an entrepreneur in 2010, I had my planning skills in my back pocket.

The more entrepreneurs I met, the more I realized what a common challenge staying consistency with content was. So, I’m sharing my systems and producing secrets so you can be organized and stay on-track with your content.

When I show you how easy it is to develop on-brand creative ideas, and intentionally schedule these on your calendar, you’re going to love planning as much as I do! And, your content game will be on point for the rest of the year!

 Plans Pay Off

Once you have your content calendar fully stocked with on-brand and intentional videos, staying consistent will be a snap!

Cohesive Content

Consistency isn’t just about frequency. When you have a plan, your message is also consistent and cohesive making you message more powerful.

Easier Launches

Your comprehensive calendar will include content that supports your pre-launch and launch so you can sell more efficiently.

Increased Brand Awareness

When you show up regularly, your ideal customer is more likely to see you and get to know your brand.

Less Stress

No more wracking your brain for content ideas at the last minute. No more uncertainty about what to post (or guilt because you didn’t!)

3 Powerful Hours

By the end of this 3-hour, live workshop, you will have access to a proven system for completing a quarterly content calendar so you have more time for yourself, your family, and working on your business without the overwhelm and guilt of always being behind with your content marketing.

This is an action-packed 3-hours of creating your content calendar! 

Here are the steps to a comprehensive, cohesive content calendar:

Systems that Work

Before you create a content calendar you need systems. This includes selecting a platform to use and a process that isn’t too complicated or time-consuming.

Populating the Calendar

With our promos accounted for and our library of researched content ideas, it’s time to fill in the calendar according to your production capabilities.

Idea Generation

Using my viewer-centric approach, we’ll review a 5 step strategy for generating video ideas that your ideal customer will find irresistible. 

Checking Intentions

You don’t want your videos to only serve those ready to buy. In one of the final steps of the day, we’ll make sure you’re including content for those earlier in their customer journey with you. 

Promo First

Before you start creating a content calendar, you need to know when your offer times are. Whether they’re evergreen or limited launch; promos go first.

Execute with Ease

Once you have your 90-day plan, you need to put it into action. We’ll finish up our workshop with strategies to stay on top of producing and publishing your content consistently so you get the results you want. 


You’ll walk away with an Asana Content Calendar Template and you’ll have access to the recordings of the workshop so you can dial in your calendar again in 90 days… and again in 90 days… and again…

I would highly recommend Valerie and her expertise. She’s always a wealth of knowledge and the top of researching what is working now in video marketing strategies. 


Valerie McTavish brings enthusiasm, expertise, compassion, and humor to her work to support other entrepreneurs to shine online! 


Valerie McTavish thank you for sharing your video marketing expertise. You are brilliant at what you do and your advice is tried and true. You have definitely helped me move the needle.


Sooo many video ideas on a list for this launch – like literally gonna be posting daily, thanks to you and understanding strategy!


You have an amazing ability to connect with people and encourage them. Yesterday you had me laughing out loud and today we were in tears with full-hearted discoveries.


Any time spent with Valerie McTavish is time well spent!


Wait, It’s Not Free?

I know there are a lot of freebies out there. This is not one of them. Here’s why. I know how easy it is to get excited about a resource or some new learning, opt-in to get it and then forget about it (despite the countless times you promised yourself to get to it). My hope is that when you pay for this workshop, you’ll put it on your calendar and commit to being there. 

Joining live will mean all of your questions get answers and doubts addressed.

What you are going to learn in this workshop has the ability to significantly change the effectiveness of your video marketing efforts which will mean greater engagement, improved connections, and more sales.

That’s worth showing up for. That’s worth investing in.  

But, here’s what I’ll do. If you do the workshop and DON’T think it was worth your investment – I’ll give you your money back. Plus, you’ll keep the Asana Content Calendar Template. That’s a 100+% guarantee — what do you have to lose? 

Ready to Plan Your Content for Q4?