Learn to Write Effective Video Scripts Lightning Fast (Without Compromising Your Brand's Authenticity or Integrity)

AI-Powered Video Scripts Workshop for Female Entrepreneurs

3-hour Live, Virtual Workshop

Thursday,October 19 at 10 AM Pacific

  • Protect Your Brand Integrity by Training ChatGPT to Write in Your Authentic Voice
  • Discover the Proven Formula for Effective Video Scripts that Boost Leads & Sales
  • Gain Confidence with Personalized, Private Coaching

Let’s transform your business with effective, intentional, authentic video scripts … written by AI in minutes!

The Video Struggle is Real

As entrepreneurs, we know the value of sharing our message on video but, ugh! It can be so time-consuming to write good video scripts and then you have to confidently deliver them.

And that’s when the perfectionism and procrastination usually creep in. This leads to us avoiding video and leaving opportunities on the table. 

AI was supposed to make it easier to use video to increase leads and boost revenue. Unfortunately, the scripts it pumps out at breakneck speed feel generic, inauthentic, and like a real threat to your brand.

Until now…

AI-Powered Script System: Your Secret Weapon for Unstoppable Success

Imagine having a powerful ally that actually understands your brand, speaks your language, and effortlessly generates captivating video scripts for you.

In the AI-Powered Video Scripts Workshop, we’ll show you how to train AI to write in your authentic voice and tone, ensuring your videos perfectly reflect your unique personality and values.

Well trained AI can be your creative partner, saving you time and effort while supercharging your video content. Oh, and when you have a well-written, intentional video script, it’s a hell of a lot easier to show up on camera with confidence and have those videos generate leads and increase sales.


Harness Your Inner Confidence, Empower Your Business

Step into the Limitless Possibilities of AI Video Scripts for Unparalleled Growth

On-Camera Confidence

Unlock your on-camera confidence and captivate your audience with engaging AI-crafted scripts.

Content Optimization

Amplify your productivity and focus on what truly matters while AI takes care of the scriptwriting process.

Captivating Scripts

Increase customer engagement and conversions with AI-crafted scripts that captivate, connect, build trust, and compel action.

Customized for You

Stand out from the crowd and lead the way as a trailblazing female entrepreneur leveraging AI for success.


Expertly weave your videos into your marketing strategy so they accelerate your conversions and skyrocket your revenue.


Check Out What’s Included:

female entrepreneur joins video marketing workshop

3-Hour Live, Virtual Event

Immerse yourself in an engaging, knowledge-packed experience during our live virtual event on June 15th. We’ll spend 3 hours together as I guide you through the secrets of effective script writing, harnessing the power of AI, and building your on-camera confidence so you can use video effectively to grow your business. Get ready to take notes, ask questions, and fire up your ChatGPT for this in interactive sessions designed to empower you as a female entrepreneur. Plus, we’ll save some time at the end for a live Q&A session.

($150 Value)

Video Scripts Made Simple

Gain exclusive access to my popular online course that walks you through, step-by-step, the process of creating and delivering an effective video script. You’ll have immediate access so you can get started well in advance of the workshop and you’ll have access forever, so you can keep honing your skills. If you’ve been resistant to get on camera and not knowing what to say is part of the issue, this will help you unlock the potential to captivate your audience, drive engagement, and increase conversions with every video you create. Here’s what’s included in the online course:

✅ Video Script Formula Workshop ($99 Value) 

✅ Video Scripting Template ($75 Value)

✅ Effective Scripts in Minutes Workshop ($99 Value)

✅ Video Ideas Generators ($27 Value)

✅ Rockstar Script Delivery Workshop ($99 Value)

✅ Teleprompter Mastery ($67 Value)

✅ 10 Power Hook Prompts ($37 Value)

✅ Confident CTA Delivery Training ($47 Value)

✅ Pre-Record Checklist ($47 Value)

valerie mctavish workshops for female entrepreneurs

Personal Script Review

As one of the first 30 registrants, you’ll receive a complimentary, one-on-one, 30-minute script review session with me, Valerie McTavish. Together, we’ll fine-tune your video script, tackle your burning questions, and ensure you’re confident, polished, and ready to start recording impactful videos that attract your ideal customers.

Don’t miss this opportunity to receive personalized guidance from an award-winning script writer and content marketing expert.

($175 Value)


To sweeten the deal and fast-track your success, I’m thrilled to offer these incredible EXTRA bonuses:

Exclusive Community Access

Connect with a supportive network of ambitious female entrepreneurs who are on the same journey as you. Join our exclusive Facebook community and tap into a wealth of knowledge, insights, and ongoing support. Collaborate, share ideas, and celebrate wins together as you embark on your video marketing adventure.


AI Prompt Template Bundle

Unlock the full potential of AI script generation with my carefully curated bundle of AI prompts. These templates will help you harness the power of AI quickly and effortlessly, ensuring you achieve outstanding results in record time. Say goodbye to writer’s block and hello to dynamic, high-converting scripts.

($47 Value)

These bonuses are designed to enhance your learning experience, provide additional value, and accelerate your progress. They are exclusively available to participants of the AI-Powered Video Scripts Workshop, so secure your spot today to claim these invaluable extras!

That’s a $970 Value for Only $97 USD!

What’s It Like Working With Valerie?

Why Trust Me as Your AI Video Script Guide?

I’ve been working in content marketing since 2006 and when I realized what AI could do, I thought my days of helping female entrepreneurs with video scripts were over. And then I used ChatGPT to write a script. It was awful. I tried again. Still awful. That’s when I realized that this tool is as useless as an arrow without a bow. Luckily, I had just what I needed to make that bow → a proven video script formula, decades of video, television, and radio experience, and over a decade of digital marketing experience. So, I put in the hours, testing hundreds of prompts until I cracked the code for using AI to write scripts that won’t compromise values, integrity, or authenticity; scripts that will improve your message’s reach, get engagement and drive conversions; scripts that you can confidently record.

When I began my career in television in 1992, we stood under hotter-than-hell halogen lights, in front of giant cameras that recorded to ¾” tapes. A lot has changed since then and I’ve had to stay ahead of the trends for over 30 years. This is the next evolution of content creation and I’m thrilled to help you embrace it and feel empowered by it.

video script coach

Crafting Videos Has Never Been Easier! Let’s Make Sure They’re Effective Too

Are you ready to embrace your on-camera confidence, create captivating videos, and skyrocket your business?

With AI, you will be! Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to join me and a community of like-minded female entrepreneurs in the AI-Powered Video Scripts Workshop. Register now to secure your spot and unlock your video potential like never before. Together, we’ll take your business to new heights!

Limited spots available.

Don’t miss out on this life-changing event.

AI-Powered Video Scripts Made Simple Valerie McTavish

The Live Event Starts Thursday,October 19 at 10 AM Pacific








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