Don’t Choose Between Business Growth and Summer Fun 

Get Both With The

Business Clarity Summer Pass

Business Clarity Summer Pass

Set Your Business (and Yourself) Up
for Success this Summer

Strategy Session

($600 value)

A 90-minute strategy session with me to review and re-align your goals, recalibrate your target audience, check your processes so we can create your 90-day plan.

Coaching Sessions

($500 value) 

10 laser coaching sessions (15 minutes each) with me to keep you accountable and on track throughout the summer. You decide when you need them. 

Personalized Action Plan

($250 value)

A personalized action plan using my proprietary template clearing noting your milestones, tasks, and deadlines keeping goals in sight. 

Insider Tips


Insider tips and resources to help you avoid common summer distractions and stay motivated, even when it’s tempting to take a day off.

That’s More Than $1350 Worth of Coaching & Support!

Our Love/Hate Relationship with Summer

You know what it’s like… you have heaps of ambitions heading into summer; thinking you’re going to have all kinds of extra time to get shiz done. But then…patios, backyard BBQs, beach-time, hiking, camping, sunshine…and suddenly, ‘How is it September already?’

Been there!

If you’re an ambitious female entrepreneur you DO NOT have to choose between summer fun and growing your business.

You can have both! It just takes a little planning and focus.

And maybe an occasional mini butt-kicking session…

Introducing the Business Clarity Summer Pass

Business Clarity Summer Pass
This is your ticket to business growth without sacrificing summer.

Here’s how we’ll make that happen:

We’ll start with a 90-minute strategy session to clarify your goals, identify the key milestones, and lay out the essential tasks. By the end of the session, you’ll have your road map!

Laser coaching sessions throughout the summer will keep you on track and accountable. You’ll have a virtual punch-pass that gets you ten 15-minute coaching sessions when YOU need them. We can troubleshoot, brainstorm, review, or reset your mindset to keep you motivated and accountable. Just be sure to use them up before the summer is over!

Plus, you’ll get a few bonus tips and resources throughout the summer – just for fun!

Imagine Starting September With:

☀️New Funnel

☀️Complete Launch Plan

☀️Ready to Launch Program

☀️Fresh Branding + Messaging

Any one of these goals can be met by September with clarity and focus → without missing out on summer. Make your summer the season of success.

Business Clarity Coaching

Building an online business can be overwhelming. In the midst of the frustration, noise, and uncertainty it can be hard to find the path forward let alone stay on it.That’s when we get stuck. We get distracted. And sometimes, we lose our motivation making the journey ahead seem impossible. Every entrepreneur experiences some form of this. The entrepreneurs that succeed get through these times with purpose, mindset-work, and taking action.

Hi, I’m Valerie, Your Business Clarity Coach.

My style is frank and forward. If we work together, you can expect me to ask the tough question, to drill down on limiting beliefs that might be derailing your confidence, and hold you accountable to forward motion. I will also remind you to celebrate your successes and help you stay committed to a healthy work/life balance.

Happy Clients

Every strategy is customized, so what we actually cover will be determined in our initial 90-minute clarity session.
Regardless, the outcome will be that you are constantly moving toward your goals with clarity, confidence, and feeling fully supported…just like these past clients.


“The difference I noticed under Valerie’s tutelage, is that, Valerie was able to segment every part of my business. She was able to draw my attention where it needed to go, so I had purposeful intent in every action I make.”


“And working with her has been one of the greatest and most empowering experiences I have had since I began my business.”


“I would definitely recommend anyone who has marketing questions, or doesn’t really know what they’re supposed to be asking in the first placeto talk to Valerie, because she will help you with anything that you need.”


“With respect to 1:1 coaching, I felt Valerie was super valuable. She helped me as a founder and solo entrepreneur, really distill all the things I wanted to do, and appropriate timelines, and kept me accountable.”

Don’t Let Summer Derail Your Business Growth

And don’t let your business derail your summer!

Purchase your Business Clarity Summer Pass now and take the first step toward a successful and productive summer season.