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It’s Going Down LIVE on

Jan. 7 & 8, 2022

Let’s make sure you get the MOST out of this live event.

CLICK PLAY to learn how you can be more present during the event and set a safety net for yourself. 


Step 1:

Get it on Your Calendar

Step 2:

Check Your Email

LIVE 2-Day Intensive Session      January 7 & 8, 7:30 AM – 4 PM Pacific Time

👉Don’t Miss a Second of this Event. 

Step 3:

Grab the Recordings

This is a LIVE event but we know that sometimes, life gets in the way. Whether you need to step out for a meeting or something unexpectedly comes up, you don’t want to miss a second of this workshop. That’s why we’re making the recording of the event available to you and giving you access forever. So you can:

  • Be more present with less note taking during the event
  • Be confident you fully understand the steps shared
  • Jump to specific chapters in the workshops
  • Review learnings as you finalize your Video Plan
  • Come back later to update your strategy
  • Have a safety net in case life pulls you away

Get Access to the Recordings for $997!


Will I have access forever?

Yes, your access to the recordings will be available to you for the lifetime of the website. Should we ever choose to shut down the website, you will be given ample time to download the recordings. 

Can I download the recordings?

No, the recordings will be housed on members.valeriemctavish.com and you will be able to view them there 24/7. 

If I can’t make it to the event, can I just get the recordings?

That is an option but I’m going to be frank with you… I don’t like it. The reason is that the recordings are meant to be more of a reminder of what we discussed or to fill in any small gaps that you may have missed. The recordings are not intended to be a course. You’ll get a lot more out of the event if you plan to come live and have the recordings as a backup. Up to you…

Can I decide later to purchase the recordings?

There will be a small window at the end of the event where you will have that option. Once the event is over, the opportunity will be gone so if you think you might want them, grab them now. 

The Live Event Starts Friday, January 7, 7:30 am (Pacific)