Build Your Video Content Plan & On-Camera Confidence in 90-Day with Full Support & Accountability

Go from video-resistant to video-confidence so that you can increase your reach and grow your business without working harder (or dreading being on camera).

Video is the number one way to connect with your ideal customer digitally. The statistics and data back this up. But, even when they know this to be true, many female entrepreneurs struggle to commit to a video plan and execute it. This online, group coaching program was created to give your video strategy a clear purpose and give you the confidence to make it a reality.

The 9-Step program is as follows:

Big Picture – We zoom out to fully understand the goals of your business and the (real) problem you solve in your business so that you can assess the best way for videos to get you to your goals.

Target Audience – Determining who your ideal client is will change everything about how and why you create videos for your business.

Plan – Get clear on the who, what, where, when, why, and how of your video strategy.

Message Mastery – Find the core message that cuts through to your ideal client and master delivering mini-messages that support it.

Gear & Skills – Determine the equipment and systems you will need to execute your video plan and get comfortable with it.

Mindset & Confidence – Learn mind-hacks that will become your confidence toolbox so you never avoid recording or publishing again.

Produce – Create videos with ease and consistency using proven production techniques. And, get a video review with personal feedback and tips on performance.

Publish & Promote – Ensure your videos don’t get lost in the video void using optimization strategies.

Leverage & Learn – Make your videos (and the data they collect) work harder for you.

Each week, students will gain access to a new course (video and worksheet) through the online learning system. They will also have access to the instructor through weekly office hours for immediate answers to your questions and a weekly accountability meeting (via Zoom) where everyone will check-in and get support as they work through each step. Additional support will be available via email.


  • An additional month of accountability and support to ensure you continue to execute your plan without interruption. This will include weekly office hours, weekly accountability meetings, and email support. 

One Time Payment

access until June 15, 2021 12:00 am

Payment Plan

$1,000.00 / month
access until June 15, 2021 12:00 am