Optimize Your Customer Journey to Get to YES Faster

A Live, Interactive Masterclass for Female Entrepreneurs

Here’s What You’ll Learn

Customer Journey Reframe

Whether you’re familiar with the customer journey, or it’s new to you – this masterclass will reveal a new and powerful way to look at it.

Grabbing Attention Early

Learn how to get discovered by your ideal customers at the early stages of their customer journey so they are more likely to stay with you and buy from you.

Common Mistakes Video Creators Make

There is one major mistake that almost every entrepreneur makes in their effort to serve their audience. Find out what it is and how to avoid it!

How to Find the Gaps

If your ideal customer can’t navigate their way through your customer journey then you probably have gaps, holes, and/or bottlenecks. Discover how to spot and fix them.

Go from Familiar to Favorite

Go beyond being a familiar name or face. Use video to help your ideal customer get to know you and develop a desire to work with you.

Get Repeats and Referrals

The Customer Journey doesn’t end with the sale. Find out how video can help you not only keep clients coming back but also shouting your praises from the rooftops.

Hi, I’m Valerie McTavish

I help female entrepreneurs go from video-resistant to totally video-confident so they can put video to work increasing their reach, building relationships with their ideal customers, and making sales (without being salesy).

I developed the Video Customer Journey Strategy using my decades of experience in video, advertising, and live television production as well as my decade of work as a content marketing strategist.


I’m so glad that I did the masterclass because it made me completely rethink my approach to using video in my business and use it much more strategically. I really love how Valerie structured the masterclass and how she got across all the important points so clearly. I can highly recommend it.”