Video Confidence Challenge VIP



  1. VIP Welcome Party to Get You Primed for Success
  2. Personal Feedback on Your Script from Award-winning Scriptwriter, Valerie McTavish
  3. Personal Feedback on Your Shot Set-Up from Video Expert, Valerie McTavish
  4. Access to the VIP EXCLUSIVE Q&A Session after each morning session.
  5. BONUS: Video Scripts Made Simple Program

The 5-Day Video Confidence Challenge was created to help female entrepreneurs double their video confidence in 5-days. Completing the daily challenges will get you there. But, if you want a little more support and guidance, then you need the VIP Experience. Each day you'll have direct contact with me through the Zoom Daily Challenge session followed by a Q&A -- so you never get hung up on anything!

We'll kick the challenge off early with a VIP Challenge Welcome Party on Sunday evening (at 4 PM PST) so that we can get clear on what you want to get out of this and identify the personal hurdles that have tripped you up in the past (so we can avoid them!). And, you'll get a head-start with the Day 1 Challenge around finding your video purpose.

On the second day of the challenge, you'll get personal feedback from me on your script or outline.

The third day is more personal feedback - this time on how your shot is set up. You'll get custom tips on how to improve it or a big old gold star (and confidence boost) if it's already awesome.

On Thursday, we dive into the mindset. During our Q&A we'll workshop your personal mantra (which will become your positive reset habit before every recording session).

Finally, on Friday as we finish up the challenge, you'll get my personal feedback on your video, give you a great big high-five, and help you keep the momentum going!

That's a lot of extra love! 💖 Go on, you deserve the VIP treatment.