Supercharge Your Videos with Storytelling

3-Hour Live, Virtual Workshop Reveals how to Deepen Audience Connection and Boost the Know-Like-Trust Factor so you can Convert with Ease.

April 22, 2022, 9-noon (Pacific)

You’re in the right place if you believe that video marketing is all about creating relationships with your ideal customer.

You’re also in the right place if you’ve been struggling to create videos that do just that.

Storytelling is a powerful skill

It can supercharge your videos by helping your audience connect with you, making your videos more memorable, and ultimately boost that know, like, and trust factor that every entrepreneur knows is key to converting with ease. 

That’s all great – but how do you do it right?

How do you make sure that the stories you tell make your videos more effective without being cringe-worthy? 

I’m Valerie McTavish

I’ve been using storytelling effectively for over 30 years. First in corporate videos, then in advertising and live television, and most recently in content marketing. Now, I’m sharing my tools and secrets so you can too.

When I show you how easy it is to develop storytelling as a skill, you won’t believe how much it changes your ability to connect with your audience. 

The Payoff

Once you are skillfully using stories in your videos you’ll notice countless benefits. Here are just a few.

Deeper Connections

We share stories with our friends to get closer and get to know them. The same can be true for you and your ideal customer.

Easier Conversions

Sales are always easier when the customer knows, likes, and trusts you. Sharing stories helps to do that.

Increased Brand Awareness and Loyalty

Storytelling greatly increases recall and also creates an emotional memory which leads to affinity.

Improved Engagement

Your audience is far more likely to like, comment or share your videos when they are rich with memorable and compelling stories.

3 Powerful Hours

By the end of this 3-hour, live workshop, you will have the skills and confidence to share stories in your videos in a way that will turn your viewers into fans, and your fans into customers. 

This is a jam-packed 3-hours of live storytelling skill-building! 

Here are the steps to your success as a storyteller:

Intentional Storytelling

Before you start sharpening your storytelling skills, you want to make sure you’re going to use them in the most effective way so we’ll review intentions in video marketing. 

The Craft

Telling a compelling story is a skill so you’ll also be given tools to help you hone the craft of storytelling through the use of a story arc and developing your own style.

Story Styles

There are many proven story structures and we’ll explore the 5 that are most applicable to entrepreneurs. Plus we’ll explore the best video styles to apply them to.

Implementation Strategy

How and when to engage your storytelling skills is key. Discover the most effective ways to insert your stories into your videos.

Story Types

Not every story type works in every video. You’ll learn how to adjust your story into a feature, a short story, or an anecdote depending on which will best serve your video’s intentions.

Endless Story Ideas

Worried you’ll run out of stories? Discover how to use other people’s stories in a personal way. Plus get idea generation and preservation strategies that will ensure your idea-well never runs dry!


You’ll walk away with the Story Styles Guide and 20 Story Prompts to get your creativity flowing.

I would highly recommend Valerie and her expertise. She’s always a wealth of knowledge and the top of researching what is working now in video marketing strategies. 


Valerie McTavish thank you for sharing your video marketing expertise. You are brilliant at what you do and your advice is tried and true. You have definitely helped me move the needle.


Any time spent with Valerie McTavish is time well spent!


Wait, It’s Not Free?

I know there are a lot of freebies out there. This is not one of them. Here’s why. I know how easy it is to get excited about a resource or some new learning, opt-in to get it and then forget about it (despite the countless times you promised yourself to get to it). My hope is that when you pay for this workshop, you’ll put it on your calendar and commit to being there. 

What you are going to learn in this workshop has the ability to significantly change the effectiveness of your videos which will mean greater engagement, improved connections, and more sales. That’s worth showing up for. That’s worth investing in.  

But, here’s what I’ll do. If you show up and participate in the live workshop and DON’T think it was worth $27 – I’ll give you your money back. Plus, you can keep the Story Styles Guide and the 20 Story Prompts. That’s a 100+% guarantee — so what do you have to lose? 

Ready to supercharge your videos with storytelling?

See you Friday, April 22 at 9 am (Pacific)!