Content Video Script Outline

This is a standard video script outline that can be used for content videos and sales videos. Explanations are included. Click to download and be sure to save a copy of the template.

Video Script Formula

Your video script formula at a quick glance. Use this when you don’t want to work with the template to ensure each script has all of the important elements. 

Content Calendar - Spreadsheet

This is an example of a content calendar in the spreadsheet style. It’s currently partially populated with examples. Put it in Google Drive for teams

Sales Page Video Script Template

Having a video on your sales page can be extremely effective. This outline explains the elements your video script should include. I’ve also included an example. Word Doc Format.

Webinar Script Outline (w/ offer)

This is a script outline for a webinar ideally suited for presentations with an offer at the end. Can also be used for straight content webinars with no offer. PDF format. 

Confident CTA Guide

This 13-Page Guide walks you through the key ingredients for a compelling close and shares how to get over your limiting beliefs about ending your videos with a CTA.