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Many female entrepreneurs tell me that they struggle to connect with their potential clients because they don’t know what to say in their videos…

And it only gets worse when…

😕  Striving to get it exactly right results in frustration, wasted time, and total perfectionism-paralysis.

😬   Procrastination and overwhelm leads to total video-avoidance.

😣   Someone tells them to ‘just go for it’ which generates videos that aren’t effective and only serve to support their (false) limiting beliefs about being ‘bad’ at videos.

😶   They assume they aren’t cut out for video and walk away from one of the most powerful marketing tools available to them.


 Even the most self-conscious, camera shy entrepreneurs can master their message on video when they discover the secret structure of successful scripts and learn how to deliver it with confidence, every time.

There’s a New Way to

 Master On-Camera Messaging

for Female Entrepreneurs

Valerie McTavish Video Coach


WORKSHOP #1 – Video Script Formula

In this workshop you’ll learn the key components of any video script whether you’re creating a 30-second story or 30-minute webinar. By the end of this workshop, you’ll understand the anatomy of an effective video script that will ensure you connect with your audience every time.

What we’ll work on:

~ The essential 6 elements of effective scripts

~ Common mistakes to avoid

EXTRA BONUS: Video Scripting Template

Stay on track with this fillable spreadsheet. Ensure your videos (of any length) never miss the essential elements of an effective script. This template is like script-writing training wheels to keep you moving forward until writing powerful scripts becomes second nature.

WORKSHOP #2 – Effective Scripts in Minutes

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to use the video script formula to craft effective video messages in minutes even if you struggle to find the right words. This workshop will put your writing skills into action and put that ‘I don’t know what to say’ problem to bed for good!

What we’ll work on:

~ Implementing the Video Script Formula

~ Researching video topics your audience wants to see

~ Beating writer’s blocks with time-saving creative strategies

EXTRA BONUS: Video Ideas Generators 

Spark ideas using these powerful online tools. Unlock the topics your ideal customers want you to create videos about so that you can be confident your videos will serve them and your business. When you do that, you’ll dramatically increase reach, engagement, and conversions.

WORKSHOP #3 – Rockstar Script Delivery

A script is only as good as its delivery. In this workshop, you’ll determine the best approach for YOU when it comes to sharing your message on video. By the end of this workshop, you’ll be set up to record your scripts with ease, authenticity, and personality.

What we’ll work on:

~ Deciding between teleprompter or no teleprompter

~ Going scriptless using the Video Script Formula (great for livestreams)

~ Engaging the camera

EXTRA BONUS: Teleprompter Mastery 

In this video lesson we’ll explore your options in selecting a teleprompter. Plus, you’ll learn the teleprompter hacks professionals use to sound natural on the first take, even on a cold read. Apply these pro techniques and no one will know you’re reading!

Everything You Need for Video Script Confidence

✅ Video Script Formula Workshop

✅ Video Scripting Template

✅ Effective Scripts in Minutes Workshop

✅ Video Ideas Generators

✅ Rockstar Script Delivery Workshop

✅ Teleprompter Mastery

You Get it All for ONLY $37


To make sure nothing gets in the way of you crafting and creating effective videos, you’re also going to get these bonus confidence-builders:

10 Power Hook Prompts

Chances are the first few words of your video are the hardest to write – especially because that may be all your viewer pays attention to before they move on. Use these power hook prompts to release a torrent of creative ways to grab attention in the first crucial seconds of your video.

Pre-Record Checklist

You can’t write scripts forever! Eventually, you need to record them. This checklist will give you the all-clear so you can confidently hit record on your videos.

Confident CTA Delivery

If you’re like many entrepreneurs, when you get to the call to action part of the video it feels awkward. As a result, you skip it or you butcher it. This mini-training will set you straight so you can confidently deliver your call to action with intention, authenticity and zero fromage!

Imagine what it would be like to know exactly what you need to say in your videos to connect with your ideal customer, and have a formula that makes it easy to craft those scripts in minutes.

Can you picture yourself having the confidence to deliver those scripts in a way that allows you to show up for your business with authenticity and intention?

What would it feel like to have clients connecting with you as if they already know you and are eager to buy from you?

That’s what Video Scripts Made Simple makes possible. Writing and recording videos that connect with your ideal customer so you can build that know-like-trust factor and convert with ease.

How would BUILDING YOUR BUSINESS be different if you could:

  • Create effective video content with ease and confidence on a consistent basis
  • Reject the negative self-talk that keeps you from sharing your message with the world and serving as many people as possible
  • Generate content that leads to exponential growth in your reach and amplifies your ability to impact lives
  • Be the entrepreneur others look at and think ‘I wish I could make videos like her!’

If you’re like the female entrepreneurs I’ve worked with in the past, you’ve tried everything from following script templates (that don’t sound like you) to ‘going for it’ and releasing videos that do nothing to move the needle for your business…

Why Trust Me?

I don’t just teach the video script formula, I use it. As an entrepreneur who teaches video marketing skills, you better believe that my video scripts need to be on-brand, intentional, and effective at connecting with my audience.

 I’ve helped hundreds of female entrepreneurs get video confident. A big part of solving the video confidence issue is getting clear on your message. When I share this method with them, they feel empowered to use video to share that message.

I hate fluff. You don’t have time for fluff and I’m not going to serve it to you. I created these programs to give you everything you need to get you using video to grow your business!

I don’t apologize for only working with women. Women know that they are subjected to a different set of standards when it comes to putting themselves out there online. It’s not fair. I work exclusively with female entrepreneurs because I want to level the playing field and create a space where we can be frank about the BS we’re conditioned to believe and support each other in battling it.


Thank you so much! This has been excellent. Thank you so much for the encouragement. ~Jade

Thank you, Valerie! Great information. I saw how you applied your video script formula. ~Isabel

Valerie McTavish thank you for sharing your video marketing expertise. You are brilliant at what you do and your advice is tried and true. You have definitely helped me move the needle. ~Jennifer

This is a great big push for me. Thank you, Valerie. ~Mina

Any time spent with Valerie McTavish is time well spent! ~Vesna

Maybe you’ve even beat yourself up or doubted whether you’re cut out for this entrepreneur life just because you can’t seem to do this video thing.

Or, you’ve convinced yourself that video marketing isn’t for you. You think that if you pour your energy into other forms of marketing you can get the results you’re looking for — even though statistics prove these methods aren’t as effective as video.

But, when you get really honest with yourself, you know that video is the best way to share your message and connect with your ideal customer. 

And, you feel like you can’t afford to waste any more time avoiding it or getting it wrong. You know you need a system that will make writing and recording effective videos SIMPLE so you will actually do it.

Because, let’s face it, a ‘just go for it’ marketing approach is bound to fail.

Unlike other things you may have tried in the past, this program is a step-by-step solution to knowing exactly what to say and having the skill & confidence to deliver it like a pro, silencing your video self-doubt for good!

For less than the cost of a networking lunch, you can learn to create videos that connect you and your message with 1000s of your ideal customers. 

Leave ineffective scripts and video avoidance behind… for good!

~ The video script formula that includes the 6 essential elements of an effective script

~ A proven writing technique to help you write scripts that connect with ease and speed

~ Your guide to finding the best script delivery approach for YOU so you can confidently share your message

~ Tools to keep you moving forward and avoid writer’s block

~ Shoot day checklist to ensure your videos look as good as your script sounds

For Ambitious Female Entrepreneurs Only

Hi, I’m Valerie!

I help female entrepreneurs get video confident so they can grow their reach, authority, and sales.

I could start with how my resume includes decades of video and television production, that I’ve written thousands of minutes of scripts, produced hundreds of hours of television, or that I’m an award-winning script writer. 

But, the truth is, the most compelling reason to work with me is that I struggled to put myself out there as an entrepreneur too. After years of working behind the camera, I believed that was where I belonged – even though I knew it was limiting my success!

I started using the video script formula to write scripts for clients, helping them tap into the power of video marketing for their business. And then, I put it in their hands and watched as it skyrocketed their video success. Finally, I used it for myself – and have never looked back. 

When you get clear and confident with your message, your videos will not only increase your reach, they’ll drive engagement, and boost that know-like-trust factor that is key to converting with ease.

Everything You Need for Video Script Confidence

✅ Video Script Formula Workshop ($99 Value) 

Video Scripting Template ($75 Value)

✅ Effective Scripts in Minutes Workshop ($99 Value)

✅ Video Ideas Generators ($27 Value)

✅ Rockstar Script Delivery Workshop ($99 Value)

✅ Teleprompter Mastery ($67 Value)

✅ 10 Power Hook Prompts ($37 Value)

✅ Confident CTA Delivery Training ($47 Value)

✅ Pre-Record Checklist ($47 Value)

You Get it All for ONLY $37

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will this take?

The program has 3 hours of instruction and exercises. You can do the workshops all at once or spread them out. Practicing what you learn is key, so we suggest that you budget some time for writing and rehearsing your scripts.

What’s your refund policy?

7-Day Full Money Back Guarantee. You are welcome to a full refund if you are unhappy with the program in any way. Simply email us your refund request and we’ll process it right away.

What if I need help with other areas in creating video?

The Video Marketing Confidence and Mastery program covers all aspects of crafting a complete video marketing strategy and developing the skills and confidence to execute it. This is an exclusive group coaching program for female entrepreneurs and is by invitation only. Please book a call to apply.

What if I hate the way I look/sound on video?

One of the most profound effects of dialing in your message is being able to focus on the value you bring with your words. This shift often frees us from worrying about how we look or sound. If this shift does not occur, there are other ways to boost your on camera confidence or use powerful scripts without appearing on camera. This is also covered in the Video Marketing Confidence and Mastery program. This is a limited group coaching program for female entrepreneurs and is by invitation only. Please book a call to apply.